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Rate this post is an online multiplayer action game. Players fight on a map using weapons and other tools to fight each other. The object of the game is to kill other players and survive as long as possible. stands out with its simple yet fun gameplay, colorful graphics and fast-paced action. There are many different weapons and equipment options in the game, and players can get better equipment as the game progresses.

There are also many different modes available in the game, some of these modes are:

  • Battle Royale: players fight for survival and in the end, the only one left wins.
  • Team Deathmatch: in a battle between two teams, players try to kill members of the other team.
  • Zombie Mode: players try to survive in a city attacked by zombies.
  • Unblocked Krunt io is a browser playable game and does not require any download or installation. Players do not need to register or log in either.

Your main goal in Krunt io is to survive. It’s a battle royale game (the playing field gets smaller over time) but with lots of new features. In the left corner you can see the amount of wood you have. Press the Q button to create a wall. You can simply create your own base, especially if you’re playing with your friends.


How to Play

  • To move the WASD or arrow keys
  • build a Q
  • M to open the map.
  • R to reinstall
  • space to jump
  • Shift to run
  • 1-6 to change weapons
  • Left mouse button to shoot

Playing is pretty simple, but competing against other players can be quite challenging. Strategy is the key to gain speed and sharp reflexes.

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