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Rate this post is a multiplayer action game developed by Julien Jorge. In this game, players control a warrior or mage and battle against other players and monsters to earn points and level up.


To play, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Play” button to start the game.
  2. Choose a character class (warrior or mage) and enter your player name.
  3. Use the WASD keys to move your character and the mouse to aim and attack.
  4. Collect resources, such as food and potions, to restore your health and gain special abilities.
  5. Kill monsters and other players to earn points and level up.
  6. Use your points to upgrade your character’s skills and abilities, such as strength, agility, and magic.
  7. Explore the game world and find new weapons and equipment to improve your character’s stats.
  8. Be careful not to get killed by other players or monsters, as you will lose some of your points and items.
  9. Have fun and enjoy the game! is a challenging and addictive game that requires quick reflexes, strategy, and skill to succeed. With its simple controls and colorful graphics, it’s a great game to play with friends or on your own.

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