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Rate this post is a free online multiplayer game that features both survival and battle elements. In the game, players must gather resources, craft items, and build structures while also fighting off monsters and other players. The game can be played in a browser and does not require any downloads or installations.

In, players start in a large open world and must gather resources such as wood, stone, and food to survive. They can then use these resources to craft items, build structures, and upgrade their equipment.

The game features a variety of monsters and enemies that players must defeat to progress. Players can also fight against other players in PvP (Player versus Player) battles. offers a variety of game modes, including FFA (Free-for-All), Teams, and 1v1. Players can also create their own custom games and invite other players to join.

The game is played using simple keyboard controls. The WASD keys are used to move the character around, while the mouse is used to aim and attack. Players can also use the number keys to switch between different items and weapons.

Overall, is a challenging and immersive multiplayer game that offers a unique combination of survival and battle elements. It can be a great choice for players who enjoy multiplayer games and open-world exploration.


To play, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the “Play” button to start the game.
  2. Choose a game mode to play.
  3. Use the WASD keys to move your character around and the mouse to aim and attack.
  4. Collect resources such as wood, stone, and food to survive and craft items and structures to help you.
  5. Fight against monsters and other players to progress.
  6. Upgrade your equipment and build a strong base to protect yourself from other players.
  7. Survive as long as possible while fending off monsters and other players.

That’s it! You’re now ready to enjoy and compete against other players in a challenging multiplayer game. Good luck surviving and battling!

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