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5/5 - (1 vote) is a game where you have to dig to become bigger than your opponents. It is a fun online game where you grow as you dig. They can play with other players by choosing various game modes for the players. Players can access new features by unlocking achievements. The more success you achieve in the game, the more you can make your character look different from other players. includes not only the classic FFA games seen in many IO games, but also a wider variety of game modes. Below we have listed the game modes for you:

FFA – Every digger fights for themselves.
TDM – Every digger fights for a team.
TAG – game of hide and seek.
BR – The game of being the last man standing.
MAZE – All players are limited to a maze.

How to Play is a fun game where you start a race for territories with other players to grow your character. Join the game and aim to be the biggest character. Be wary of other players, stay away from other players when you are not as big as them because they can destroy you instantly. While entering the game modes with a team, you must press the Squad button to see the people in your own team. You can get your daily or monthly rewards by entering the Shop section.

Movement: Control the game by moving the mouse.
Speed Up: Hold down the left mouse button.
Brake: Hold down the right mouse button.
When you lose, press Enter to start over.
When you earn enough gold in the game, you can change your character’s face or the appearance of the drill bit. In this way, you can gain a very different look from other players.

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