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Rate this post is a free online multiplayer physics-based game that allows players to battle against each other on a variety of maps. The game can be played in a browser and does not require any downloads or installations.

In Bonk io unblocked, players control a spherical character and must navigate around the map while trying to knock their opponents off the screen. The last player standing wins the game.

Players can customize their character’s appearance, including their color and hat. They can also create their own custom maps and share them with other players.

The game features several different game modes, including Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag. Players can also choose to play in a variety of different arenas, each with its own unique challenges.

Bonk io is played using simple keyboard controls. The arrow keys are used to move the character, while the spacebar is used to jump. Players can also use the X key to make their character heavier and harder to knock off the screen.

Overall, is a fun and addictive multiplayer game that offers a unique physics-based gameplay experience. It can be a great choice for players who enjoy competitive multiplayer games and challenging physics puzzles.


To play, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the “Play” button to start the game.
  2. Choose your character’s appearance and select a game mode.
  3. Once you’re ready, click on the “Create” button to create a new game, or the “Join” button to join an existing game.
  4. Use the arrow keys to move your character and the spacebar to jump. You can also use the X key to make your character heavier.
  5. Try to knock your opponents off the screen while avoiding being knocked off yourself.
  6. The last player standing wins the game.

That’s it! You’re now ready to enjoy and compete against other players in exciting physics-based battles. Good luck!

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