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Rate this post is an online multiplayer battle game that was released in 2021. In this game, players control a character and battle against other players in an arena-style setting. The game features various weapons and power-ups that can be used to gain an advantage over opponents.

The game has a cartoonish, pixelated art style and is designed to be simple to learn and play. It can be played in a web browser on desktop or mobile devices.

Overall, is a fun and fast-paced multiplayer game that can be enjoyed by casual gamers and experienced gamers alike.

How to Play

Moving: WASD
Shooting: Mouse left button
Projectile loading: R
Getting on vehicles: E
Weapon change: 1, 2, 3, 4 or mouse
Enlarge the map: M or TAB
You can customize the controls in the settings section.

– Hide Point: Control and protect a single point on the map for as long as possible to increase your team’s score.

– Capture the Flag: Capture the enemy team’s mainframe and bring it back to their base to earn points.

– Team Deathmatch: Eliminate players from the opposing team to earn points.

– Conquest: Capture and hold multiple points on the map to increase your team’s score.

As you play, you will collect coins and other power-ups that can be used to upgrade your character or gain an advantage over your opponents.

The goal of the game is to defeat as many opponents as possible and be the last player standing. The game is fast-paced and can be quite challenging, but with practice and strategy, you can become a skilled player.

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